The Corona pandemic effect on Study in Europe

The Corona pandemic effect on Study in Europe

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has disrupted life across the globe. All industries, businesses, services, etc. are struggling. The education sector is no exception. Universities all over the world have shut their campuses for a few more weeks to come. There are students like you who have planned to study abroad but the pandemic may have shattered your dream. But hold on. Don’t lose hope. There is always a silver lining. We will take you through the current situation prevailing in Europe to help your decision making and assessing The Corona pandemic effect on Study in Europe. However, we accept that the full extent of consequences on the higher education sector in the months to come is not yet clear and still unfolding but clues are available to draw a future map.

The news and articles have also created doubt in students' minds. They are full of negative notions that the COVID-19 pandemic has already, or is likely to, affect the higher education sector in many ways. If you are planning to do a student exchange or to enroll in a degree programme in European universities, you must know all these universities have suspended their admissions, exams, classes, etc. As a responsible student visa consultancy, we are not denying this fact but we all need to take a step back and rethink the situation. These universities which you may also have a dream of studying in have evolved and adopted new ways of learning in the past. That is why they are in the top position. It is expected that amid this pandemic, the universities will update themselves.

The new way of learning

It is important to understand that you are equally important to the universities of Europe as they are for you. Students from across the globe who come and join European institutes serve them as an intellectual resource. Students who are studying at the campuses carry the brand name of these foreign universities. Hence they have already started to fine-tune their education model so they can keep attracting foreign students. Here are some of the effects European universities are expected to implement if the COVID-19 spread continues.

  • Limited Face to Face Interaction or classes: To reduce the spread of coronavirus, many universities have suspended any on-campus activities like lectures. Where possible, classes are going to be held online. Only for practical or some special purpose the students will be asked to come to classrooms. Exams and thesis defenses may be postponed or held in different formats.
  • Eligibility for admission: Admissions in the first year of study programme may see a delay. Due to ongoing suspension, the award of degree/certificate from schools or universities will get delayed resulting in an obstacle to pursuing higher studies. The universities will adjust their admission process accordingly.
  • Application deadlines: Application deadlines are all set to get extended for the next term. There are two reasons: 1) Universities may have to make a lot of changes in the administration, teaching, etc., and 2) Because the pandemic is affecting not only teaching, but also administration and the eligibility of applicants, it is possible that universities will make changes to their admissions processes, and postpone application deadlines.

Hence, if you have a dream to study abroad in Europe, don’t panic or get upset because of The Corona pandemic effect on Study in Europe. It is a phase and you need to wait for the right moment. The post-Covid-19 period is bringing whole new opportunities. The applicants from the world may get reduced which in turn can be a golden opportunity for you. For more updates on admissions in Europe, please be in touch with Golden Future. We are a specialized student visa consultant. You may log onto our website for regular updates. Our online counseling team will keep you posted with the latest admission trends in Europe.