Denmark Spouse Visa

Denmark Spouse Visa

Denmark is rapidly ascending the ranks to become one of the top immigration destinations in the European Union (EU). It is one of the five Nordic countries.  Denmark, the smallest but most populous of the countries, is known as the "Happiness Country." Copenhagen, the capital city, is known as the "World's Most Livable City." A stable economy, a low unemployment rate, and a strong labor market are just a few of the benefits. Denmark Family Visa or Denmark Spouse Visa permits you to apply for a residence visa if you have a relative or close family member or spouse residing in Denmark who is a Danish citizen, has a permanent residence visa, or is a refugee. To be eligible to apply, you must satisfy certain prerequisites.

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Who can be granted family reunification of spouses?

If you have a spouse or partner in Denmark, you may be eligible for a residence visa or Denmark Spouse Visa under the regulations for family reunification.

Denmark visa requirements must be met by both you and your spouse/partner.

Special rules apply to the groups below:

• Spouses/partners of foreign nationals who have been granted a work or study permit in Denmark.
•  Spouses/partners of Nordic nationals, EU/EEA citizens, or Swiss citizens.
•  Under EU legislation, spouses/partners filing for a family reunion with a Danish citizen.

The spouse must provide proof of marriage by submitting a marriage certificate under the Denmark visa requirements. Likewise, a birth certificate must have been issued to the child of a Danish Green Cardholder. All papers are subject to authority verification. Moreover, the passport should have a validity of at least twelve months before the expiry of the visa application. In the event that the validity of the applicant's passport exceeds 12 months while applying for the visa, the applicant must request the passport renewal. 


Documents Required for Visa

•  Download the application form, duly filled and signed
•  2 passport size photographs attached with the application
•  Passports and copies of previous visas – valid for at least 12 months beyond the return date – are required
•  A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Denmark and itinerary 
•  Proof of civil status
•  Proof of adequate financial means in Denmark for the stay time
•  A minimum coverage of Euro 30,000 travel insurance
•  Bank statements for the last three months


Golden Future for Denmark Spouse Visa

You can contact the Golden Future specialists if you wish to reconcile with your family. You may obtain detailed knowledge about the Denmark family visa program, including visa eligibility via our free visa assessment, family visa requirements, visa processing time, and visa cost, from our experienced team of Immigration counselors who are specialized in Denmark Immigration programs.