Work Visa Requirements for Romania

Work Visa Requirements for Romania

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss foreign nationals working in Romania must have a work permit. The Romanian Immigration authorities give the work permit at the request of the employer.

A work visa does not provide a foreign individual universal authorization to work in Romania; rather, it grants permission to work for a particular firm (that seeks it) and for a single specified post. A foreigner who transfers from one firm to another must get a new work permit, even if the old one is still valid. Let us go through the Work visa requirements for Romania.


Requirements for Work Visa

Working Visas for Romania will only be issued when the position is not filled by Romanian citizens or citizens of other EU or the EEA Member States.  It will take around 1 month to acquire a work visa in Romania after receiving your work permit. The Work visa requirements for Romania are following:

•  In accordance with legislative requirements, all employer duties linked to employment must be met. 
•  No criminal records certificate should be provided to prevent them from working in Romania.
•  Provide a medical certificate indicating they can do the work.
•  You must fall under the yearly limit for foreign citizens to be eligible for a work visa.

Moreover, if the employee apply for a visa for a long period
•  The employer's working permit
•  Accommodation evidence in Romania
•  A valid passport
•  Two recent photographs
•  The duration of the visit requires evidence of medical insurance
•  A background check from the home nation of the employee requires police verification
•  Proof of enough financial means to finance the journey
•  Ticket or proof of other accommodation for the trip


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