Denmark Student Dependent Visa

Denmark Student Dependent Visa

Denmark has a robust educational system that has grown steadily throughout the years. Foreigners from all over the world visit Denmark on a yearly basis to pursue their goals of studying at one of the best institutions and preparing themselves for the world of chances that await them. The Danish government and immigration services operate a green card visa system, which includes a number of departments that all come under the green card visa. If a person wants to bring their family to Denmark, they must apply for a green card Dependent Visa for Denmark. This visa will allow a Danish green card holder to bring their family with them to the nation while they are living and working there.

With the proper dependent visa, anyone can study here. Denmark offers numerous types of dependent visas. The Denmark Student Dependent Visa is meant for the spouse or unmarried children under the age of 18 or parents of foreigners studying in the nation with a Denmark student visa to join their family in Denmark. Once the application has been completed and granted, dependents of a foreigner with a Denmark student visa may apply for residence permits in Denmark.


Documents required

Dependents of a Student Visa holder who seek Dependent Visa for Denmark to reunite with their families must provide proof of any of the following:

1. An application form that has been completed and signed.
2. A valid passport that will be valid for at least three months after the visa expires.
3. A current passport photo that is no older than three months.
4. A valid bank statement or other acceptable financial documentation demonstrating that the application is financially capable of financing estimated costs for both the applicant and the spouse and children over the period of the stay.
5. Legal proof that the relationship exists.
6. A birth certificate to prove the child's or children's kinship.
7. Provide evidence that the applicant's family will live with them throughout their stay in Denmark.


Financial Requirements

The fund requirements for Denmark Student Dependent Visa are:
• DKK 16104/annum per child for married or parents
• DKK 64404/annum per person for spouses or partners
• DKK 19428/annum per child for single parents


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