How to Get a Student Visa for Finland

How to Get a Student Visa to Finland?

Finland is renowned for its joyful inhabitants, beautiful landscapes, and world-class healthcare system. This nation has had high living standards for many years, making it a great place to study. Everyone can receive a high-quality education in Finland, which provides a wealth of educational options. Golden Future Finland Visa Services are helpful to everyone who wants to study and live in Finland.

For stays of more than 90 days in Finland while studying, you will require a student visa. You should make plans to make the most of your time when applying for a Finland student visa because this document requires a lot of processing time. Naturally, we want to arrive in Finland before the start of our classes to allow time for acclimatization.

Paperwork required to get a student visa to Finland?

Let's define the terms we will be utilising before going over the requirements. To begin with, a visa is a kind of identification that enables you to travel to Finland for up to 90 days. So, regardless of the reason for your trip, a visa is required to visit Finland.

On the other hand, a residence permit, of which the student residence permit is one particular kind, will allow you to remain in Finland for a period of two years. In conclusion, you simply need a visa if you're enrolling in short courses, but if you're enrolling in bachelor's or graduate programmes, you'll also need a resident permit.

The residency permit will be covered in this article. The following papers must be ready before you apply for a residency permit:

  1. A current passport with copies of the notes-filled pages.
  2. Passport sized photos for passports
  3. Filled-out application (online or printable)
  4. A confirmation letter from a Finnish educational institution
  5. Evidence of tuition or scholarship payments
  6. Health insurance
  7. Evidence of financial assistance.
  8. Certificates from prior employment and education

How much money is needed to get a student visa to Finland?

The student residence permit can be applied for an electronic application fee of EUR 350, while the paper application fee is EUR 450 for a visa.

The procedure for requesting a Student Visa for Finland

You do not require a residence permit if you are from the EEA/EU or nations that have an agreement with Finland. You can consult the official website of the Finnish Immigration Services for specific information regarding these citizens.

You must apply for both a residence permit and a Studeinnt Visa for Fland if your nation is not included on the list. If you are an Indian student you can consult Golden Future

1. Be permitted to enroll in a Finnish educational facility

You must be admitted into the programme and school of your choice because one of the prerequisites is a certificate of acceptance in a Finnish institution. If you have already been accepted, please collect your tuition payments, admissions certificate, and other necessary documentation.

2. Complete the application forms and include the required documentation.

You must electronically or on paper fill out the application for a Student Visa for Finland. You might begin your application on their website if you wanted to submit it digitally. On the other hand, if you complete the form on paper, you'll send your application—along with any supporting documentation—to the Finnish embassy in your area.

There are six sections to the application (SECTION A to F). Please provide the Finnish Immigration Services with all the information and paperwork they require.

3. Make a reservation.

Whether you apply online or on paper, you must make an appointment. Your visit there is intended to establish your identity. Here, you may check up your local Finnish embassy, get in touch with them, and schedule an appointment.

4. Submit your application fee.

You can now pay the Student Visa for Finland application fee after turning in your application materials and scheduling an appointment. The price was specified earlier, and if you submit a paper application, you can pay with online banking or cash.

5. Show up for your appointment.

To avoid delays during your appointment, be sure to arrive at your interview promptly. They will review the actual documents as well as the information you provided twice. Biometrics will also be carried out.

6. Watch for a verdict

The typical processing period for an internet application for a residence permit is one to three months, although it may take longer—two to three months—for a paper application.

Furthermore, delaying travel to Finland until after the findings is not advised. In such a case, you must reapply in Finland, provide fresh documentation, and make fresh fees.

7. Get the information

You can finally get the results of your application after several months of waiting. The decision will be communicated by call, text, or email from the Finnish embassy. You will be able to go to Finland with a resident permit if your application is approved.

You can still appeal for a new decision if your application for a student residence permit is rejected. Please be aware that if your application is rejected, information is provided on how to appeal. Typically, residency permits are rejected due to

8. Fly to Finland

You'll be allowed to reserve a flight and travel to Finland once you've submitted all the student residency permit applications. Please be sure to have your passport and residence permit with you when you enter the nation.

The good news is that Finland's government will extend your residency visa for job-seeking purposes for one year after you finish your studies.


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