How To Apply For A Student Visa For Studying in France?

How To Apply For A Student Visa For Studying in France?

Have you decided to study in France but haven't applied for your visa yet? Not Good! To start your new journey from India to France, it's important to get your Student Visa for France beforehand to avoid complications. One thing to remember while applying for a visa is nationality. If you are a national from the EU, EEA, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, you are entirely free from the burden of applying for a Visa. But if not, you need to check out the article and start the applying procedure. 

  • Get an acceptance letter from French University. 

Before you prepare your visa documents, it's important to get an acceptance letter from the embassy in which you wish to study. Once you've got your acceptance letter, determine the type of Student Visa for France you want. For instance, if you wish for a short stay in France, go with a Schengen student visa or visa de court séjour pour études. But if you want to stay longer than three months, without any doubt apply for a Temporary long-stay visa. 

  • When & Where to apply. 

Probably there are two main places where you can apply for your France Visa from India, that is, a Campus France or French consulate. If your country doesn't allow you to apply to Campus France then you need to start with the registration process. To execute your registration process, start by scheduling an interview or appointment. You can schedule an interview via the French consulate official website. Be sure you schedule 90 days before your departure. Pay the processing fee and wait until you get your Student Visa for France. 

  • Language requirements. 

However, this is an additional step for those who haven't received their acceptance letter from French University. If you want to study for English taught degrees, get your English language proficiency. On the other hand, if you want to apply for a French teaching degree, you need to have French language proficiency. 

  • Collect your required documents. 

If you want to apply for your France Visa from India, you need to collect the documents beforehand. To make your visa application process easy, we've jotted down the list of required documents. 

  1. A valid passport 
  2. Two passport size pictures
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Copy of the previous visa, along with Proof of civil status 
  5. France Study Visa application form
  6. Get one visa payment fees evidence 
  7. Get your arrival and departure flight reservation tickets 
  8. Accommodation arrangements proof 
  9. Proof of financial means

Carry all the above mentioned documents if you want to complete the whole visa processing. 


Lastly, you need to move to Campus France, along with hard copies of your documents. If you need any kind of support in your visa processing and applying journey, you can ask for assistance from the experts. They will help you to complete all the procedures and make your dream to Study abroad in France a reality. Applying for France Visa from India is not as easy as it seems. Make sure you prepare well to avoid future complications.