Interview questions (career and future) for Schengen student visa

Interview questions (career and future) for Schengen student visa

A Schengen student visa would allow you to explore 26 European countries and with multiple countries issuing visa, there are number of questions which can be asked at the time of student visa interview. The objective of conducting a one-on-one interview is to collect more information about the applicant, his or her ability to answer, accuracy and genuineness of responses. With our extensive experience in the past, we, at Golden Future, have collaborated list of questions which are asked during the study visa interview.

Will anyone accompany you on your trip?

The answer should be straight yes or no. You may also be asked to clarify your relationship with the person accompanying you on your trip which you should state clearly.

Can you show your financial support or bank statement?

You must agree to disclose all your financial planning and current bank statement to the authorities. The objective here is to get an assurance that you are fully capable to fund your studies and other expenses during your stay in Europe.

Do you hold any scholarship?

If yes, you should state the nature of scholarship, its time duration and the institute who is sponsoring it. This will assure the authorities the excellence you hold or the additional support you may get in terms of financing your stay in Europe.

Why you have chosen this university or this course?

The question is asked to explore the shortlisting criteria you might have applied for selecting the course and the university. Details about the course, its implication on your career, university infrastructure, etc. can be a part of your reply while answering.

Have you applied to any other university? Did you get admission to other universities?

You might have applied in a number of universities to pursue your studies and you should disclose the entire list to the authorities. Hiding any information can cause a rejection of

your application. The authorities in the embassy can anytime check your application status in different universities.

Do you have insurance?

All European countries will ask for your insurance documents along with the visa application. Make sure your life and medical insurance gets renewed on time before you go for the student visa interview.

Do You Pay Income Tax?

A responsible citizen always pays income tax, so the answer should be yes. However, if you do not have any income or employment, you may humbly say No as well stating the reason for having no income.

Any plans for future studies Masters / Doctoral?

If you are going for a bachelors programme then you can state your planning for masters in the home or foreign country. Similarly, in the case of Masters, you can be asked for your doctoral interests if any. You should state clearly about your future study plan and in case, you wish to pursue further studies in the same country, it is better that you mention this out in the interview.

Have you obtained Job-Leave Approval letter or NOC from Your Employer?

If you are employed, then simply present the NOC (in case you are taking a leave for pursuing the course). If you have resigned, you may produce the accepted resignation letter from the employer.

Have you planned /booked/bought return travel tickets?

You have already presented the proof of same while submitting the application form. Here you simply say yes and present the evidence of same.

The questions stated above are indicative in nature. Whatever being asked in an interview, we advise everyone to be frank, honest and clear in their responses. Any hesitation or hiding of information may lead to the rejection of visa application. We also advise getting in touch with an experienced study visa consultant like Golden Future, to assist you in the application process. With professional guidance, you can easily crack the process of visa application along with the interview. We give all-around awareness of dimensions which play a crucial role in accepting of visa application. So get in touch with us for more details!!