Universities in Finland

Universities in Finland

Nowadays nothing comes free of cost, but studying in Finland is actually free! Yes, you read it right, Finland Government uses their state fund to sponsor the expense of their students as well as the International students. We all want to enhance ourselves by studying and learning more and when it comes to higher study we prefer to take admission to some International college. So Finland is considered one of the best places to study in Europe.

Each year about 30000+ students take admission in universities in Finland. There are many world-class International Universities in Finland, and they provide almost 300+ courses to study. Such as,

  • Bachelors in Engineering
  • Bachelors in IT
  • Bachelors in Computer science and many more.

Below mentioned universities are the top 5 best places to study in Finland

  • The University of Helsinki is one of the best and the oldest international college in Finland was established in 1640 and it has 40000+ students and 4 campuses. Each campus has its own campus library with a collection of literature relating to the degree programmes taught on each campus. They provide 20+ courses for their students. , master degree programmes are one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in Europe.
  • Aalto University is basically a merger of three major Finnish Universities, The Helinski University of technology, The Helinski school of economics, The university of art and design Helinski. The University is established with six schools with approx. 17000+ students which makes it the second-largest university of Finland.
  • The University of Turku situated in Turku in the southwestern part of Finland is the third-largest university in Finland. It has all together 25000 students and employees. Education at the university is based on the latest scientific knowledge and meets the changing needs of society. They offer a vast range of choice of the International Master’s degree programme based on English. The university is active in International Cooperation, it has a network of prestigious universities in Europe.  

The other two universities in Finland are also very popular and they are Tampere University, The University of Oulu.

Finland visa services

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