Tips to avoid student visa rejection

Tips to avoid student visa rejection

Have your visa been declined? There is no need to panic. Visa is a necessary condition to pursue study in European countries for Indian students. Visa has always been considered as a concession rather than a right of an individual. Hence there is always a fair chance that your visa application might get rejected for one or many reasons by the country consulate. The best way to avoid student visa rejection is to seek professional help and guidance before you submit the visa application. We, at Golden Future, are best student visa consultant in Ahmedabad for Europe. We witness many cases where student visa gets rejected because of error in the interpretation of information required. We get frequent queries like what to do if a student visa is denied, and the next steps if a student visa is refused and more. Let us take this opportunity to address all these concerns.


Reasons for visa rejection could be many. For. Example, almost all European countries ask for detailed booked itinerary, onward and return, along with visa application form. Many times, aspirants share the preferred details and not booked one which causes a reason to visa rejection. These minute errors had even caused number of aspirants


The best tip to avoid visa rejection for European countries is to hire a visa consultant like us. We take care of all minute details and documentation before filing the application. As professional guide, we conduct special sessions for the aspirants before the interview. We have observed that in the absence of professional guidance, the documents produced and the response by candidate had contradictions which provide a firm ground to consulate to reject the student visa. Another tip to avoid visa rejection is to be confident while appearing for the interview. Any hesitation in answering the query by the immigration officer might lead to south in terms of your visa approval.


Another point to remember when applying for student visa, is to have proper documentation of all academic qualification diplomas. We, at Golden Future, noticed that aspirants often forget to attach apostille the documents with visa application which rings the alarm in immigration office. Non-apostille documents are not considered to be genuine to under visa application. The minute details have been a real cause of concern during student visa application process for Europe. We can help you out in this to streamline the entire process and make things move fast and positive.


So, get in touch with Golden Future at earliest to avoid any visa rejection or to reapply for the European country visa.