What to do after Europe Student Visa rejection?

What to do after Europe Student Visa rejection?

Securing admission in a European university is an accomplishment in itself. However, getting a European visa for the same is equally tiresome. We, Golden Future, have been in the industry assisting aspirants in obtaining a student visa for European countries. We have dealt with a number of cases where students reach out to us after the rejection of their student visa application. We get a large number of queries that relates to chances of getting student visa after rejection. Here, as a best student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, we would like to clear the air by stating the next step of yours if student visa gets rejected.

In this article, we would first advice you to take a look at possible reasons for visa rejection. If you have applied for long stay Schengen visa of six months for your education purpose, then following are the possible reasons for Schengen visa rejection:

  • False or unclear Travel documents attached to the visa application form.

  • Damaged or invalid passport.

  • Insufficient explanation of stay in Schengen area beyond course duration.

  • Vague travel itinerary

  • Glitches in reference letters

  • Invalid travel insurance

  • Absence of proof of accommodation

Most of the time we have observed that Schengen student visa gets rejected due to minor errors in documentation as listed above. Hence our first tip to avoid getting your student visa rejected is to get professional guidance from best visa agency like us. When the Schengen visa gets rejected the applicant has a right to file an appeal against the decision taken. However, it is wise to appeal against denied Schengen visa only when the applicant is sure that there were no glitches in the application form. Another fruitful step that one might take after your European visa refused is to hire Golden Future as a visa consultant. We are expert in handling such cases and re-application process. We would also like to bring in your notice that it is always possible to re-apply for the visa if it got rejected once.

We make sure that no technical mishap should take place and once you are under the umbrella of Golden Future. So, get in touch with us at earliest in case you missed the bus or wish to be sure of visa application process.