Work Permits along with study in Europe

Work Permits along with study in Europe

Studying in Europe has many advantages attached to it. It gives you an exposure to different cultures, provide ample opportunities of networking along with best education on the planet. The highlight is unlike India, countries in Europe allows and encourage their students to work parallel to their studies. We would take a glimpse on few countries which are proving working opportunities along with studies to international students.

United Kingdom

International students who are on Tier 4/student visa need to get the visa stamped as “allowed work” and can start work without restrictions. Once you get stamped you may look for two kind of jobs: 1) Vacation employment (during summer breaks – full time), 2) Part time employment – 20 hours during the term per week. Two important rules applied in UK for students: 1) you cannot search for a permanent vacancy until the course ends, 2) you cannot start your own business.


Students from non-European Economic Area can take employment of 20 hours a week during the entire term provided that the course will be of at least one academic year. To take the part time employment, the course which you choose must be registered in government internationalization register. The right to part time work get end with the expiry of visa or completion of course. However, you need to provide sufficient financial sources to fund your education without the part time job.


International students in Germany are allowed to work freely while their pursue your studies. They can work for 90 full days or 180 half days during a calendar year while the course is on. No separate authorization or permit is required for work along with study.


France allows only those students to work who are enrolled in institutes which provide their students a social security scheme. Students do not need any work permit but are only allowed to work maximum for 964 hours in a calendar year. International students studying in France can also take up student employment at educational institutions with roles such as receiving students, supporting socially disabled students, computer assistance etc.


Students in Norway holding a student resident permit are usually not allowed to seek part time jobs while they are studying. However, a separate permit is needed to seek any employment opportunity during breaks. Similarly a full time employment permit can also be applied but for limited time period. International students are allowed maximum of 20 hours' work per week both in full or part time cases. Student’s institute in such case has to provide a letter that the studies will not be affected due to employment.

Other countries in Europe have similar or slightly different versions for international students seeking part time or full time employment. To understand more, you need a professional student visa consultant like Golden Future, to make the picture clear. So get in touch with us for details!!